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da Vinci Interactive, LLC

The Harmony of Art and Computer Science on the WWW - Since 1998

Providing businesses, marketing departments and graphic designers custom web solutions that honors the integrity of their message, right down to the very last pixel by fitting the internets to their business, and not the other way around, that is what da Vinci Interactive excels at.

From simple web page widgets that rotate information (Scores, Stocks, Press releases, Weather, etc.) to enterprise class eCommerce and CMS systems, from 3D animation to FLASH Banners, from online and Email based marketing campaigns to complete ROI tracking, reporting & monitoring systems, as well as redundant, scaleable and secure back-end web systems. With more than a decade of experience in web design and development all of my projects are crafted to be easy to use, work everywhere, and look beautiful.

By leveraging today's modern social networking techniques and strictly adhering to web 2.0 standards I am able to provide user experiences that engender a powerful and positive emotional association with your organization and their brands.

Developing web applications that perform and look beautiful on the new iPhone and iTouch platforms, which also integrates seamlessly with your web site, is another popular service provided that extends the accessibility of your organization well beyond the office.

I also provide back-end services that are built entirely in the cloud and include all the benefits the cloud has to offer: e.g. dynamically scaleable (up and down), self-healing, and redundant integrated systems that provide the best possible performance and stability for all of your users, at much more affordable prices than traditional hosting models as it is based on a "pay-go" payment plan, where you only pay for what you use and not one cent for all your servers that sit idle, waiting for that inevitable spike in traffic, when you have suddenly become very popular online, like when your site is profiled on MSNBC, CNN, etc. (a.k.a. slashdotted). And when that traffic comes, and you should be looking your very best, most sites are brought to their knees at the very worst possible moment. However, being in the cloud "virtually" eliminates that common problem.

So, if you have big ideas which demand a tailored solution that goes beyond what traditional marketing and hosting providers offer, ideas that must stand apart and not amongst the herd, contact me today to learn more about how I can help you ensure that YOU, and your organization, have crafted a web strategy to ensure a successful online presence.


Thomas Pryor
PO Box 50
Alton bay, NH 03810